Scaffolding and Formwork Products Manufacturer & Supplier Since 1993.

Scaffolding and Formwork Products Manufacturer & Supplier.-RIZHAO RRICOM INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD

company photoRricom Industrial Co.,Ltd is a professional industry products manufacturer and supplier which located in Rizhao Industrial Park in Shandong Province of China.It has convenient access to oecan transportation throug the ports of Rizhao,Qingdao and Lianyungang while by land through the Rizhao--Dongming and Tongjiang--Sanya Expressways which enable us to supply the products quickly and reliably to destination all over the world . Rricom Industrial Co.,Ltd specializes in Manufacture and Sales ,Projects Construction Service ,Techinique Consultant and other lines .With more than several years development ,we can make and supply: Scaffolding and its accessories products (scaffolding frames and ladders ,post shores ,Ringlock scaffold products ,Kuikstage scaffold products ,Cuplock scaffold products,Steel Planks,Guard rails ,Screw jack and others );Construction Hardwares(Tie rod and Wing nut,Clamps,Forkhead,Locks and Pins,small accessories and others );Forged and Casting products(Couplers and Fittings,Hooks ,Lifting products,Auto parts and others ) and so on .Not only are the products safe, reliable and durable,but also they are well--popular and fit for the International Standard(Our products are tested approved by CE ,ISO 9001 ,ISO 9002 ,TS14969,SGS ,CQC and other international certificates) .