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we,Rizhao Rricom Industrial Co.,Ltd sincerely hope to cooperate with you, and offer you more convenient and considerate one-stop service than others.


We, Rizhao Rricom Industrial Co.,Ltd specialize in exporting various Industry products. With professional worker and experienced alliance operation, we are good industry reputation and worthy of trust. Integrity trade is our faith, quality service is our goal, your contentment is our wish. Located on Rizhao City, but our service is around the whole world. We will spare no effort to offer you high quality with the competitive price products.


We,Rizhao Rricom Industrial Co.,Ltd hope every client who can join in us  as one of our agent and export our product to other countries .But we are sure of that we can guarantee your full profits .


For the moment ,we own several work partners in USA ,Canada,UAE,UK ,finland ,German,Austra,Agentina ,Chile ,Singapore ,Australia,Brizal ,South Korea and Japan .If you want to be one of our member,please contact us as below:

Address: Rizhao Industrial Park,Shandong Province,China
Tel: 0086-633-3600-799
Fax: 0086-633-3600-899


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