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Pressed Wedge Clamp

formwork rapid clamp

Name: Formwork Clamp,Rapid Clamp,Formwork Spring Clamp,Formwork Clip
Material of the plate: Q235 or 45# Steel
Material of the teeth: 65Mn
Rigidity of the teeth: HRC52-56
Surafce Treatment: Painted ;Galvanized

Normal Specification:                    
69mm*105mm*3mm              Antirust painting     0.32KG
69mm*105mm*3mm          Casting Galvanized     0.39KG
75mm*110mm*3.5mm   Galvanized Zinc plated     0.40KG
75mm*110mm*4mm     Galvanized Zinc plated     0.42KG
75mm*110mm*4mm     Electrostatic spraying      0.42KG

Note: Our factory can make all kinds of specifications of formwork Clamps based on customer’s drawings or samples.

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